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The school follow the curriculum of C.B.S.E (Central Board of Secoundary Education) & N.C.E.R.T. New Delhi. It follows the N.C.E.R.T. Books at all level.It helps the students in their all-round development bright future.It enables and empowers to critically analyse the various aspect of life.It encourages Creativity in mind and originality in work to avoid mugging.
The medium of instruction is English. Special care will be taken for the children of Hindi background.The essential subjects taught are Science , Math , Hindi , Eng , Social Studies , Music , etc. As an additional skill we are giving Computer education from std.1
Healthy mind in healthy body, Keeping in view this fact school will provide special attention to Physical Education. There will be periodical P.T.Classes , Games , Sports Yoga Athletics etc.
It is our future plan for the physical education system.

1. Imparting value based education.
2. Integral development of the students.
3. Developing leadership quality in the pupil .
4. Enlightening the carrier of the students.
5. Inspiring social responsibility.
6. Developing the attitude of self discipline.
7. Inculcating patriotism.
8. Giving Physical education(Sports,Games,Yoga,etc). for maintaining good health of the children.
9. Library facility Available.
10. Laboratory facility available.
1. C.B.S.E Curriculum.
2. Co-education.
3. Experiences Faculties.
4. well equipped class rooms with C.C.T.V Camera, Projector & Computer Lab.
5. Co-curricular activities for all-round.
6. development of child.Dance , Music , Sports & Games.
7. Conveyance facilities of all routes.
8. Special Guidance for weak Student.


  • "For the first time in his life my son jumps out of bed first thing in the morning without being told to get up, does his homework without being told, has completely eliminated video games from his life, and spends all his free time on creative projects. This school has transformed our lives."

    Rahul Kumar
  • "I don’t know how anyone could develop a school better than this. Every parent here is lucky you did."

    Puja Gupta