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Facilities, Activities And Workshop

Vega Arise is a school that cares for better tomorrow. The classes with colorful , attractive and well-designed surroundings is truly a child dreamland.Our curriculum is provided with specially designed rich learning materials and scope of creative activities such as reading , painting , story-telling, dressing up , make-believe-games , building-blocks , paper-tearing , folding-and-pasting , jumbles , etc.The use of modern Audio-Visual aids such as Computer , T.V. , V.C.D. , etc.build up interest and make learning easy . Outdoor games include Swings , Slides , Mini Train , Bouncy and many other types of Playing items. Occasional Magic Show , Puppet Show , Bear Show , Monkey Show and intimacy with birds and animals develops confidence among children.At Vega Arise Academy, Children follow a daily routine of activities designed to build specific skills. But one day is never the same as next. The wide range of activities/projects provides opportunities for creativities , physical co-ordination , emotional maturity , practical and social skills . A childhood is the time for fun and learning . Let it happen with your own child in the guidance of Vega Arise Academy . Vega Arise Academy celebrates various Summer camps , Hobby Classes and various competitions are also conducted for children of different age groups.

School Transport Facilities

We Provide transport facility and proper care is taken for the safe travel of the children. Parent must send a written note / contact the Principle on phone if a child is to be sent back with any other guardian / family member / person not introduces earlier to the School. The school will not be responsible for any kind of accident or injury that may occur in or around the school premises or during travel.

Parrents Teachers Meeting

Parents can also discuss with the Principal / Teachers on any day between 12.30 P.M. and 3.00 P.M. Meeting with the Director is appreciated with prior appointment.

1. Use the School Diary as a means of communication with the teachers.
2. Please note that Fee should be deposited by the 1st to 10th of every month.
3. Fee for the month of june is to be deposited along with the Fee for the month of May itself.
4. Transport Fee for the month of May and June will be deposited in the month of May itself.
5. Fee once deposited will not be refunded on any ground whatsoever.
6. Please attend the Parents-Teachers meeting positively and give your valuable suggestions.
7. Please do not send Money or Valuable items with the students. The School will not be responsible in case they are lost.
8. Please do not send Mobile with the students.
9. Please always send an extra Pant in the bag of the student.
10. Please do not sit in the Office in Class-Hours.It will unnecessarily disturb your ward.


  • "For the first time in his life my son jumps out of bed first thing in the morning without being told to get up, does his homework without being told, has completely eliminated video games from his life, and spends all his free time on creative projects. This school has transformed our lives."

    Rahul Kumar
  • "I don’t know how anyone could develop a school better than this. Every parent here is lucky you did."

    Puja Gupta